HERS rating complaint system

The Horizon RES HERS rating providorship is responsible for promoting an active client complaint response system in order to:

  • Improve transparency of the HERS rating industry and system
  • Provide a HERS rating client with opportunity to question specific aspects of his / her rating.
  • Increase feedback from HERS client community that will improve HERS rating procedures.
  • Horizon notes the client complaint option on the HERC certificate provided at the conclusion of the rating. 
    • info@horizon-res.com
    • 603 369 4833

The first step in resolving a dispute regarding a certified HERS rating is to contact the RESNET Accredited Provider that certified the rater and issued the HERS rating. All RESNET Accredited Providers are required to have a complaint resolution process.

Upon receiving notification of a HERS rating complaint:

1) Horizon will respond to the client w/in 5 business days.

  1. a) Client is generally the utility or homebuilder who paid Horizon RES for HERS services.
  2. b) Horizon will work w/ current homeowner if they are the original client or if the utility / homebuilder original client initiates complaint response system.

2) After discussion w/ client, itemize the complaints and steps Horizon RES will take to satisfy complaints of the client in an email and send to the client and cc RESNET QA w/in 10 business days

3)  Acknowledge any response from the client and work w/in good faith to satisfy any remaining issues.

4) Horizon Complaint Response system is active for 2 calendar years after the rating date. 

For additional information regarding a HERS rating complaint, Follow the link below to be directed to RESNET, the national organization that administers the HERS rating program, and the RESNET Complaint Resolution Process.