Benefits of a HERS rating:

  • A HERS rating has several benefits beginning with an objective 3rd party review of the energy profile of the home you are about to build, buy or rehab.  All raters agree to an ethics contract that requires them to remain unbiased in their energy appraisal of the property they are rating. They also agree to attend training that will keep them up to date on the latest trends in building science, building products related to energy efficiency of the building shell and mechanical systems.

  • In existing housing, ratings provide homeowners w/ an accurate picture of the largest consumers of the energy budget of your home.

  • In “To be built” housing, projected ratings can help you decide where to invest in energy efficiency measures for lower energy costs.

  • With the help of your rater and ratings report, You can discover cost effective ways to reduce your homes energy costs, increase comfort, improve indoor air quality, reduce durability issues like ice dams and mold / mildew. When a home is rated, the projected energy efficiency improvements that’ll make the “biggest bang for the buck” can be compared against each other to determine priorities.

  • It could help you add to your home’s resale value.

  • A HERS rating provides the required technical basis for several residential energy efficiency certifications and/or financial products for homebuilders and homeowners, including:

  • NH utilities ENERGY STAR® Certified Homes program

  • Indoor Air plus Certification

  • Zero Energy Ready home certification (formerly the CHALLENGE Home program)

  • Energy Efficient Mortgages for new homes or existing homes

  • IECC 2009 / 2012 Section 405 Simulated Performance Alternative path for energy code compliance

  • IECC 2015 Section R 406 Energy Rating Index path for energy code compliance

  • EPACT 2005 Tax Credit for Homebuilders of qualified homes

  • NAHB Nation Green Building Standard certification (performance path)