What is meant by Comprehensive Building Performance (CBP)?

Comprehensive Building Performance (CBP) is an objective or goal that leads to a home that is more comfortable with better indoor air quality. Heat/cooling loss and moisture are controlled in a high performance building. A poorly performing building allows heat and moisture to travel according to natural rules of physics, and that is not preferred. Generally, energy modeling is not included as part of CBP contracting by Horizon RES NH LLC. If energy modeling is preferred by the client, consider going with a complete HERS rating.

Benefits of Comprehensive Building Performance:

Improved comfort, better indoor air quality, increased building durability and superior energy efficiency performance are the results when the goal of comprehensive building performance has been reached.  There are no state or federal financial incentives generally available for a home that has been built or renovated with CPB measures installed, unless it has also been HERS rated.

Initiating and processing Comprehensive Building Performance:

Getting a consultation and site visits for comprehensive building performance is straightforward  - Contact Horizon RES NH LLC at 603-369-4833.

Whether new or existing housing, they’ll let you know:

  • Their opinion on what building envelope strategies and upgrades are most effective for the New England climate.

  • Cost effectiveness, comfort improvement, indoor air quality and reducing building durability issues like: ice dams, mold & mildew situations.

  • Proper sizing of mechanical equipment, with the primary emphasis being on building performance upgrades and improvements, not product sales.

  • The schedule of site visits suggested to reach the goal of comprehensive building performance.

  • The testing that should be conducted to reach the goal of comprehensive building performance.

The goal of CBP should be pursued early in the build or renovation process.  CBP initiatives can, however, be introduced up to the point of wall insulation installation.  After that point, the measures to achieve CBP are limited.