Utility Sponsored CBPS for Existing Homes

Most consumers know that buying energy efficient appliances, cars and light bulbs saves them money and is also good for the environment. But did you know that thinking about energy efficiency when renovating or remodeling your home can not only help you save big on your energy bills, it can result in thousands of dollars in incentives from local energy providers? There may be tax credits for the builder or homeowner as well. A homeowner who participates in a utility sponsored home performance program may see substantial energy savings over the life of the home and some financial incentives as well.

Homeowners want unbiased answers as to where they can get their greatest return from their home improvement dollar, before blindly investing in costly, possible unnecessary measures.  A small investment now could save you a lot of money later.

There are several different programs available to homeowners. Contact your electric or natural gas provider or visit the utility links below to get more details.  Horizon RES NH LLC works within these programs as a quality control contractor to promote effective installations and top flight installation contractor service.

Home Performance with ENERGY STAR: (for Existing Homes):

Utility companies throughout New Hampshire offer energy audit and weatherization programs for homeowners in their service area, including home energy audits. Click on the appropriate link below to find what your utility company is offering for low-cost energy audits and weatherization programs:

A Home Performance with ENERGY STAR residential energy audit is specifically designed for homeowners who are looking for a clear picture of exactly what the causes and solutions are to their home energy performance and comfort problems.  Certified Building Performance Institute (BPI)  installation contractors will conduct home energy audits to determine what home performance measures would be cost effective to conduct at your home.

  • Create a more comfortable home
  • Energy audits identify trouble spots like mold / mildew recurrence and ice dams.
  • Increase the energy efficiency of your home