** In the event that your home does not qualify for utility assisted programs, please call us and we will be happy to speak with you about arranging a fee based home energy audit.**

A Residential Energy Performance Survery (REPS) is a "house as a system" home energy audit designed to show you exactly what the most practical and cost effective ways are to improve the energy performance of your home. A home energy audit is recommended for homeowners who:

  • Are looking for a clear picture of exactly what the causes and the solutions are to their home energy performance and comfort problems
  • Want unbiased answers as to where they can get the greatest return for their home improvement dollar - before they blindly invest in costly measures that may not give them the results that they are looking for.

In almost every home - just a few hundred to a few thousand dollars of "targeted" energy improvements can reap many times their cost in energy savings.


A Horizon Residential Energy Services (REPS) Energy Audit includes:

  • A top to bottom Energy Inspection using the latest "house as a system" Residential Energy Technology
  • Blower Door - pressure diagnostic testing
  • Infrared Imaging, if applicable.
  • A bullet list / report that will provide you with an easy to understand listing of the most cost effective energy improvement measures for your home.


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